Saturday, 14 August 2010

Glass Top Pool Table Review

The Glass Pool table is like no other pool table. It is a fusion of modern styling and new technology; featuring a transparent playing area with glass top and patented resin playing surface.

Although, personally I think it looks like another piece of furniture.

It has an ultra modern frame with integrated ball return and plays just like a regular table, but with more style. But apparently, the future is here. The playing surface and glass top.

Considered as the most advanced pool table in the world, the G-1 features a glass and resin playing structure and striking modern design. The patented transparent playing surface replaces the traditional felt but allows the balls to roll at the same speed.

The Glass Pool table incorporates two exciting technological developments. One of them being the patented transparent Vitrik playing surface replacing the traditional felt surface and the toughened glass replacing the traditional slate bed. The Vitrik playing surface is transparent and it replicates the rolling resistance of a traditional felt playing surface. It also creates a stunning floating on air effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly. It also seems to retain the same roll characteristics over its entire lifetime. It is transparent, tough and about four to six times stronger than standard glass. It features a beautiful exposed polished edge. The frame is modern and an all new design. It is lightweight and open style and has a solid and robust ensuring a stable playing area

Bumpers, pockets and playing area are built to international standards, so you can play your game the same, with more style. The minimalist modern frame features integrated ball return allowing pocketed balls to be seen through the transparent top.

It is available in a wide range of colours with additional features that include integrated ball return which is aesthetically integrated into the table design.

The best part is that the pocketed balls can be seen cascading through the frame into the storage area. It also meets international BCA-specification pockets, K-66 bumpers, playing area size and height Accessories (included)

The quality custom cues come in silver finish with a Vitrik surface polishing agent and glass playing bed.

Personally, I think that some shots, such as draw, jump might be difficult without the cloth, which creates the friction that is needed for these shots. Also, if it played as well as a pro table, then they should have some pro testimonials, but I have not found any.

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