Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Kamui Tip

I recently decided to change my tip because my game was getting a bit hazy. In other words, I was losing too many games. So, I thought of changing my tip and the thought of changing the tip goes through every pool player’s head, especially when the shot goes bad. Furthermore, I started using it as an excuse and that was just not acceptable.

Besides, I had recently visited the Kamui site and seen the videos that were there, and was highly sold on it. So I decided enough was enough and thought that I was not going to hit any more balls with my old Moori-medium tip.

I was contemplating on going for a Kamui soft, but it was then I met a professional at a pub, who he advised me that Kamui soft is similar to the Moori-medium, and I should go for something softer, preferably the Kamui super-soft.

Kamui tips are made in Japan and the tip is made of compressing ten layers of pig skin leather. What makes the Kamui tip stand out is that the ten layers are glued or pasted together. During the gluing process, the porosity of the pig skin is not affected. As a result, this process leaves the pores of the pig skin open. This allows the chalk to penetrate inside just enough to hold on to the chalk. Any tip that can hold on to the chalk allows the player to give most of his shot.

No wonder, it is widely considered as the best tip in the market.

Kamui, which is pronounced kah-moo-ee, is another word for divine or powerful in Japanese.

So, watch out guys here I come with my newly acquired divine power !

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